4 Seasons cross-stitch

This was a fun project I did last year as a gift for my parents.  They live in a beautiful part of Colorado where they actually have all 4 seasons.  Here in coastal southern California, we don’t really get all 4, you know?  I remembered to take pictures of my progress through this, but forgot to take a final shot of the finished product.  (Maybe my sweet parents will take a picture of it and send it to me…hint, hint.)

At this stage, most of what I’d stitched was pretty much the same on all 4 panels.  The snow in the fourth scene was the only major difference.  If you can even see the white clouds in the first 2 panels, they’re a little different from each other.  (They show up better when the sky is added later.)


OK, now we’re starting to see some progress!  Green!  Grass and leaves begin to make the seasons appear.


Add a little autumn color to the tree and ground in the third panel…


then the little background mountain on the horizon, and a little bit of sky.


The sky is complete.  Can you see the white clouds now?  Almost done!


It’s all in the details.  Outlining really defines the barns and that bare winter tree.


The finished product was a black framed white mat with 4 square openings, each opening featuring one of the 4 seasons.

I may well do this pattern again.  It’s easy enough to do while doing something else, like watching the news or chatting with people.  It’s also interesting enough to keep me motivated…unlike some other projects that remain incomplete.  <ahem>  And it was small enough to complete in a short period of time.  It’s cute, too!