Kit Kittredge

What does Kit Kittredge have to do with sewing?  Who is Kit Kittredge anyway?

To answer the second question first, Kit is one of the historical characters in the American Girl line of dolls.  Her stories take place in 1934, during the Great Depression in the United States.  I fell in love with these stories when my daughter was reading them for the first time many years ago.

I greatly appreciate the thriftiness and resourcefulness of the people of that time.  ”Waste not, want not” was not merely a slogan; it was a way of life.  To make bed sheets last longer, Kit’s mother (and her real-world counterparts) would split the sheets down the center, then sew the outer edges together to form the ‘new’ sheet.  Dresses were made from the cloth bags that once held chicken feed or flour.  Mending worn clothing, remaking old garments into new ones, and altering hand-me-downs were ways in which families in 1934 could make their clothing (and their dollars) last longer.  (Has that sufficiently answered the first question?)

Kit has been my model for the doll clothes that I sell on Etsy, at Jori-M-Porium.  She helps me size the clothing as I’m working, and she patiently stands for picture after picture when I have a pile of new items to be photographed.  I love Kit!

(Note:  Kit actually belongs to my daughter, who allows me to borrow Kit for my purposes.  Thanks, sweetie!)