Magnetic pin “cushion”


This is one of my favorite ‘tools of the trade.’  It is a magnetic pin cushion, although there’s nothing really cushion-y about it.  I have seen them referred to as pin holders, pin grabbers, and pin dishes as well, but I still call mine a pin cushion.  I own a few actual pin cushions, the soft, pillow-type ones that you poke pins and needles into.  I keep them because of their sentimental value–having been made by various family members–but I use the magnetic one almost exclusively.

I like that I can toss pins toward it while I’m sewing on the machine.  I don’t have to stop and aim and get the point of the pin into a cushion.  I can just pull and toss the pin in one movement while I continue sewing.

I also use the cushion to pick up pins, more than one at a time.  For example, when I’m finished cutting something out using a pattern, I simply pull all the pins and leave them lying on the pattern.  Then I sweep over the pins with the magnetic pin cushion to pick them all up.  Or when I drop a pin on the floor, I can just hold the pin cushion down near it, and it magically magnetically pulls it up off the floor.

You can find these little beauties in a rainbow of colors and a multitude of shapes at just about any fabric or craft store.