It’s been an abysmally long time since I’ve posted anything here on my blog.  Today’s post title is an indication of what I’m planning to do about that.

I saw a challenge for the month of April at Jessy Ferguson’s blog (  She’s a friend from, and she’s a writer.  The challenge is to blog every day of April–except Sundays–with each post being related to a letter of the alphabet.  For a writer, I’m sure this is an especially good exercise.  For a lazy blogger (ahem), I hope it will at least get me into the habit of blogging somewhat more regularly.  I don’t expect to keep up a daily blogging schedule, but when April is finished, perhaps weekly posts won’t seem like such a big deal.

So, for this first day of April, for the letter A, I give you the word “activate!”  May I challenge you to activate something in your own life?  Or reactivate something?  Jumpstart?  Get started?  Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings!

Please check back throughout the month of April to see how I’m doing with this challenge, and to offer encouragement.  I think I’ll need it!  Also, if you have any ideas you’d like me to blog about, let me know!  Some letters are harder than others to connect to a sewing theme.

Fall Back

Daylight Saving Time ends this weekend. If you’re not planning to be awake at 2 am on Sunday, be sure to set your clocks BACK one hour before you go to sleep Saturday night. Enjoy your extra hour!