I mean, what else could the letter F possibly stand for at this blog, right?!  Fabric!  That’s where it all begins.  Without fabric, there is no sewing.  No little girl’s dresses (and matching doll’s dresses).  No little boy’s shirts, nor husband’s shirts.  No quilts (gasp!).  No costumes.  What a sad thought.

But cheer up, because there is, indeed, FABRIC!  Lots of it.  In my stash alone.  And in that bag out in the garage that’s supposed to be going away, only it hasn’t found a place to go away to, yet, so there it sits.  Fabric, fabric everywhere.  I have my fabrics sort of organized by type.  I have colorful plastic bins that slide in and out of a wooden frame.

This is from IKEA. My bins are different colors, and my frame sits with the short side on the left.

Each bin has a different type of fabric in it.  There’s a medium sized bin of cotton prints, a small bin of solids (mostly cotton blends), a small bin of ribbed knit, and a small bin of “special” fabrics—lace, satin, tulle, non-slip (for footed pajamas).  Then there is one large bin to hold the fleece and flannel and all things snuggly, and another large bin for upholstery fabric, brocades, tapestry, leather (and leather-like), and all things stiff.  Hey, it’s my system, and in my system, “stiff” is a category.  = )  There is a last little bin that is kind of the catch-all, like a junk drawer in the kitchen.  This little bin has interfacing, handkerchiefs (for future projects?), some crocheted lace made by my sister-in-law’s great aunt, and whatever else doesn’t fit into another bin’s category.  I also have denim and old jeans, pants, and shorts in the cubbies of another shelf.  I have a lot of fabric.

But I’m going to use it all!  Someday…no, really!

(I can hear you laughing…)

4 thoughts on “Fabric

  1. Loving this month’s theme… Alphabetical – very orderly. :P

    When you use up all your fabric, come on over. I have plenty to share. And yarn. And beads. And paper. And… Well, you get the idea…

    • That would be pretty awesome. I love sewing days! I have stacks and stacks of stuff to get done for the baby. Finley is already joking that she’s going to tell people not to get them any clothes. (I don’t know if she realizes how many outfits they’ll go through in a day… Or just in an hour sometimes.)

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