The Original T-shirt Quilt

I have been busy, really I have!  I just don’t have pictures of what I’ve been working on…yet.

I do, however, have a picture of my very first  t-shirt quilt.  Ta da!

I made this several years ago, perhaps 12 or so?  This picture was taken after a few years of use, though.  You can see wrinkles and evidence of stretching.  When I made this quilt, I didn’t know what I was doing!  I didn’t make the blocks uniform size.  I didn’t even make them all rectangles!  See those hot pink triangles?  Those were set in to make rectangles out of  irregular pentagons!  I didn’t use the right kind of needle to sew on knit fabric.  And I didn’t back the fabric with fusible interfacing.  (Hence, the stretching…and missing stitches…and not very straight lines!)

This poor quilt will need some TLC and a major overhaul someday.  But for now it holds memories of moments in time from two lives–mine and my husband’s.  All the shirts except one are from before we were married.  It was so much fun to combine them into one memory.  Our kids have grown up calling it “the park quilt.”  New memories from old ones.  Love it.