T-shirt Quilt, Part 3: the last Squares

Have you picked out a favorite square yet?  Well, there are 6 more to see before you make up your mind!  (All photos by my lovely daughter.)

The first 3 squares in this post had fairly large image areas to work with, so my quilt piecing skills were not as extensive on these.  This first one is just another Snowball-like square.  I did use the handprints that were the same color as the image on my t-shirt, just ’cause.


I just made a frame for this one, and mitered the corners.  The shirt was from an incredible week my family spent with 2 other families.  The horse fabric is from my daughter’s I-love-everthing-about-horses stage.  I made her a skirt by attaching some of this fabric to the top of a pair of jeans that weren’t long enough any more.  She also had a pillow case made from it.  And I believe she cut a few individual horses from it when she was trying her hand at piecing together a doll’s quilt from little squares of fabric.  (We need to find that little quilt.)


I loved working on this one!  The photograph doesn’t look like much, because it was taken inside.  The simple little black outlines of butterflies actually fill with color when exposed to sunlight!  This quilt probably won’t see much sunlight when it’s finished, so this is probably how this square will look most of the time…but you never know.  I still love it!


These last 3 squares took a little more time and creativity.  The original t-shirt images were smaller and therefore needed much more fabric to fill out the 16 square inches.  This first one is the only square for which I had to purchase fabric.  I just had nothing in my stash that would work, color-wise or print-wise.  My daughter has a really good eye for fabric, and she found these two for me.  My husband designed the logo; it’s for our local parent group with the virtual school we belong to.  (You may well ask why I would turn this shirt into a quilt square if the group is still current and I am still involved.  Well…the image was inappropriately placed for a woman’s shirt.  ’Nough said?)  I LOVE how this square turned out!


This is actually the first square I worked on for this quilt.  The t-shirt had front and back images, and I wanted to use them both in the same square.  I figured a 4-patch would be a good treatment for this one.  But why stop there?  Why not make 2 of the four patches into 4-patch blocks themselves?  Here’s how the whole block turned out.


Of course, I saved the best for last.  It’s my favorite anyway.  Again, the logo was designed by my husband for a restoration project you can read all about here: http://www.dregerclock.org  (And, again, the logo was not quite flattering in its placement on a woman’s shirt.)  I cut the original t-shirt image on point so that the final block would show the image right side up.


So there you have ‘em…all 16 squares.  I think I had a grin on my face for a full 24 hours after the last square was completed!  Stay tuned for sashing, borders, backing, and all that good stuff.

4 thoughts on “T-shirt Quilt, Part 3: the last Squares

  1. Oh my. So hard to pick a favorite. I love the colors on one, the piecing on another. I will go back and see the whole quilt and pick one.

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