Progressing down the yellow brick road…

I love spring break!  I can get lots of uninterrupted sewing done.  Here are some pictures to prove it.

This is my progress on Miss S’s pieces.  Her vest (Simplicity  8567) was a little less time-consuming than Miss M’s (New Look 6129), so it’s practically done already.  Since I’m using the same green thread for the dresses and for the rainbow striped vest and apron, I did all those garments first.  (That way, I don’t have to keep changing the thread in the machines.)


This is Miss M’s outfit so far.  Both green dresses (Simplicity 2845) still need side seams, hem, and elastic at the neck and sleeves.  This vest and vest lining are waiting to be put together, and the apron is still 4 separate rectangles.


That was how I left things at bedtime Tuesday night.  Today I made some more strides toward the finished products.

First, the two dresses.  The girls will be here Friday to try them on so I can check hem length and the fit of the elastic around the neck and shoulders.  There will also be elastic at the sleeve hem, but I forgot to measure their upper arms for that.  Oops!  My dress form (I call her Beatrice…don’t ask why) has really broad shoulders, so these girls’ dresses look kind of goofy there.  Trust me, the dresses will look better on Miss M and Miss S!

Miss S is the shorter of the two girls, and wanted a little bit longer sleeve.  Miss M is taller and likes a shorter sleeve.












And here are the almost finished outfits…

Miss S…

…and Miss M.


I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.

5 thoughts on “Progressing down the yellow brick road…

  1. Hi Jori,
    Thank you so much for making these for the girls. It was a huge relief not to have to worry about it. I really appreciate the last minute Green vests as well. I hope summer is treating you good!!

    Sandy :)

  2. I am using Simplicity 2845 to make a princess dress. I used the pattern about a year ago and managed to lose the elastic guide for the neckline on the dress. Could you tell me how long the elastic should be for the 6-8 dress? (It’s for a little girl I don’t see very often.) Thanks!

    • That pattern belongs to the mothers of the munchkins. = ) I am waiting to hear from one of them in answer to your question. Hopefully, I will have an answer for you soon!

      Thanks for visiting my blog!


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