T-shirt Quilt, Part 2: More Squares

I spent part of  today working on another quilt, but I decided to show some more squares from the t-shirt quilt instead.  (You’ll get a tiny peek at that other quilt in the last photo today.)  The following squares are from my high school and college days.

This was the front of a raglan-sleeved, hooded sweatshirt with a kangaroo pocket.  There was not much fabric around the image area to work with, so I added the strips at the top and bottom.


And this was the back of that same shirt.  I wanted to coordinate the two squares without doing the exact same treatment to both, so here’s what I came up with.


This shirt had a full 16 square inches of usable image and space without adding to it, so it was the easiest.  (That gray strip at the top was part of the shirt.)  The little purple patch was cut from a pair of sweat pants.  It will be appliqued to the quilt…somewhere.


The writing at the bottom of this shirt faded with innumerable washings.  I may embroider the words back onto it; I haven’t decided for sure.  It said, “black hole experience.”  I think the deep space print added a nice touch to this square.


This looks more like a vacation shirt than a high school or college shirt, right?  Well, I spent February of my junior year of college in the Bahamas for a geology class!  Not bad, eh?  (And February was a terrific time NOT to be in Iowa!)  The fabrics are from various projects for and by my daughter.  These are ‘her’ colors.  That round patch in the lower left corner of the picture was from the front of the shirt, and it will be appliqued onto the quilt…somewhere.


This shows the dorm I lived in for 3 years, and 1989 was the last year this image was used for the shirts.  I love it!  The dorm was renamed after a sizable monetary donation was made, so the image with the old name was no longer usable.  The bottom half of this square is part of the quilt that was on my bed through all my college years.


Only 6 more squares to go!

(Again, these pictures were taken by my daughter, who’s checking in on me!)

3 thoughts on “T-shirt Quilt, Part 2: More Squares

  1. I saw a picture of your Bowman shirt on the internet and thought it looked familiar – I lived there 2010-2011! LOVE your tshirt quilt.

    • Thanks for the comment, Kate! Did Bowman-Carter still have an annual shirt available when you were a resident there? If so, what was the image/design?

      Go Rams!


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