Here we go…


I mean, sew…

This little blog is the result of my realizing that I have no record of countless fabric creations that I have made over the years.  Baby quilts, big quilts, doll clothes, people clothes, purses, bags, etc.  I can picture in my mind most of the items I have made, but no one else can see them (except for their recipients)!

I decided it was time to start documenting my little adventures in the world of fabric.  I plan to take pictures of my progress throughout my different projects and post them here. Unless it’s a gift for someone who is likely to read my blog, it will likely end up here.

Currently, I have a few projects in various stages of completion.  I’m making a t-shirt quilt, restoring/repurposing the quilt that I used in college, making aprons from pillowcases, and–always–finding cute fabrics to make shopping bags.  Other types of projects that I have tackled in the past and that may appear among these posts are purses and bags made from old jeans, pants, or neckties; doll clothes and fun stuff; teddy bears and other animals; projects for non-sewing friends; cross-stitch projects; and whatever presents itself when I find a piece of fabric that I just can’t resist!

I hope you’ll join me on my creative journey!

(Giving credit where credit is due:  My wonderful computer geek husband set this all up for me!)

18 thoughts on “Here we go…

      • Jori – Dean and I were so excited to see this! We are SO impressed. I tried to cross-stitch a Christmas stocking for our grandson one year and oh my – I ended up buying one and then cross-stitching his name – - – that was all I could do without being embarrassed! SO – I am really an admirer of your abilities. And what a beautiful blog! Hope to see you one day soon. Gail

  1. I am looking forward to reading your blogs about your sewing adventures. You have always been very talented with sewing :)

  2. Hi, Jori! I’m glad Glenn shared your new blog on Facebook; It will be fun to see what you’re creating. I like to sew, too, but so far, I only have used my sewing machine to make my bears. It’s a necessary part of that, you see. :o ) I am looking forward to learning a few more sewing techniques. So glad you’ve joined the blogosphere! ~Debbie

  3. Yay! I’m so excited that you’ve started blogging, Jori! The blog is beautiful and I look forward to following your projects. You might even inspire me to pick up quilting again. :)


  4. Hi Jori,

    nice new blog. Nice to see your “modern” type of sewing. I’m sticking more to grandma’s way with hand and needle (plus some little extras like tablet-weaving oder naalbinding).

    Have fun and give my best wishes to our family,

    Mona Möller

    • You’re my first international visitor! Sometimes I do things “grandma’s way” too, because a machine just can’t do everything.

      What are tablet-weaving and naalbinding?

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